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Company Leaders who are looking to create a more satisfied and engaged team are turning increasingly to employee volunteering to accomplish that goal.  

Supporting your employees in their ability to give back is no longer a nice-to-have, now it’s expected. In fact, 71% of employees expect their employer to support their giving back initiatives.  

Whether you are just getting started with your employee volunteering or looking for ways to expand your program: We compiled these Employee Volunteering resources to help you create a more meaningful impact.

Why Employee Volunteering is Beneficial

Strategies and Tips for Employee Volunteering

How to manage Employee Volunteering

Types of Volunteering Opportunities for Your Employees

Why Employee Volunteering is Beneficial:

  • Business News Daily: Want a Better Workplace? Encourage Employees to Volunteer
    Creating a culture that encourages volunteering can help employers boost employee morale, workplace atmosphere and brand perception.
  • Points of Light: Why You Should Volunteer – The Benefits of Volunteering
    Volunteering for a good cause changes lives and doesn’t just benefit the people you’re helping. Beyond the obvious benefits of helping out in the community and making a difference, volunteering can both further your career and improve your life. Everybody wins.
  • Employee Volunteer Programs – Why They Are Good for Business
    Volunteering for a good cause changes lives and doesn’t just benefit the people you’re helping. Beyond the obvious benefits of helping out in the community and making a difference, volunteering can both further your career and improve your life. Everybody wins.

Strategies and Tips for Employee Volunteering:

  • Uncommon Giving: 11 Easy Ways to Create a More Engaged and Loyal Workforce with Volunteering
    As a leader in workplace giving and employee engagement, Uncommon Giving is committed to helping companies support their employees desire to make a positive impact in their communities. In an effort to do that we’ve put together 11 simple ways to make it easier for your employees to volunteer
  • Points of Light: How Employee Volunteer Councils Can Foster Volunteer Program Success
    A formal leadership or governance structure for your employee volunteer program can extend the reach of your staff, provide development opportunities for employees and sustain the momentum of continually increasing community impact. Most effective employee volunteer programs use some type of leadership structure – either committees or individual champions – to support the management and operations of the program at a regional or local level and to scale their program’s initiatives throughout their company’s footprint.
  • Realized Worth: 6 Communications Principles to Boost Engagement in Your Employee Giving and Volunteering Programs This Year
    It’s hard for employees to engage with giving and volunteering programs…when they don’t even know they exist. Which is why an effective communications strategy is critical. This article explores 6 principles to keep in mind as you formulate your employee engagement communications approach.

How to Manage Employee Volunteering

  • Harvard Business Review: Volunteer Programs That Employees Can Get Excited About
    The benefits of well-designed corporate volunteer programs have been clearly established: They boost productivity, increase employee engagement, and improve hiring and retention, to name just a few. But too often, firms’ programs fall short.
  • In It Live: 7 Steps to Start an Effective Employee Volunteering Program
    Today, corporate volunteerism is becoming more and more popular as businesses seek to improve their social impact. In this guide, you can review the ins and outs of starting an effective employee volunteering program.
  • CSR Wire: Why Your Employee Volunteer Program Engagement is Low (and How to Fix It)
    Improving employee volunteer program engagement starts with putting the employee experience first, prioritizing what they find important, and giving them a voice in decision-making. Getting to the point where you can democratize your employee volunteer program may require you to shift how you think about running programs like these.
  • Realized Worth: How to Cultivate a Community of Volunteer Leaders
    Building communities is complex. Community is its own system. Communities come in many shapes and sizes, and they are everywhere. And CSR practitioners are often focused so heavily on external communities that they can lose touch with the community right in front of them – their volunteer leaders.

Types of Volunteering Opportunities for Your Employees

  • Benevity: 22 Unique Corporate Volunteering Ideas
    Corporate volunteering creates an impact in your communities and engages employees in your corporate social responsibility efforts. So, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved! This guide provides a list of 22 creative corporate volunteering ideas. We’ve also added some tips on how to prepare for employee volunteering projects, and how best to share your efforts and impact afterward.
  • Goodera: Top 12 Corporate Volunteer Ideas for 2023
    Whether you’re launching a new corporate volunteering initiative or expanding an existing one, look no further. This article includes 12 volunteering ideas to assist you in initiating or expanding your employee volunteering efforts. 
  • Tap Root Foundation: What is Skills-Based Volunteering?
    When you think of volunteering, images of cleaning up your local park or working in a food pantry may come to mind. While hands-on volunteering is critical to fulfilling some nonprofits’ missions, other forms of support can help all organizations. Most nonprofits don’t have access to the resources, funding, or qualified talent to function effectively. A donation of professional expertise can help an organization fill those gaps.
  • Board Source: Serve on a Nonprofit Board
    Each year, millions of individuals dedicate their time and expertise to shape the future of nonprofit organizations when they serve on a board. Board members provide critical intellectual capital and strategic resources to power nonprofit success and strengthen communities. For many people, serving on a board allows them to make a difference in their community and support a cause that they care about.

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