11 Easy Ways to Create a More Engaged and Loyal Workforce with Volunteering

As a leader in workplace giving and employee engagement, Uncommon Giving is committed to helping companies support their employees desire to make a positive impact in their communities. In doing so, employers will create a more engaged and loyal workforce, improve the well-being and productivity of their employees, and enhance their brand reputation. 

Here are 11 simple ways to make it easier for your employees to volunteer: 

  1. Organize a Volunteer Committee: Create a volunteer committee made up of employees who are passionate about giving back. This committee can help organize volunteer events and communicate with employees about volunteering opportunities. 
  2. Offer Volunteer Time Off: Encourage employees to volunteer by offering paid time off for volunteering. This is a terrific way to incentivize volunteering while showing your employees that you support their community engagement efforts. 
  3. Offer Dollars for Doers Programs: Dollar for Doers programs are a fantastic way to encourage volunteerism by offering donations to non-profit organizations in recognition of employee volunteer hours. These programs provide a tangible benefit to both employees and the community they serve. 
  4. Host a “Charity Day”: Consider organizing a “Charity Day” where employees can take part in fun activities to raise money for a local charity. Activities can include bake sales, raffles, and other fundraisers. 
  5. Support “Virtual” Volunteering: Many companies have remote workers who may not be able to volunteer in person. Use your corporate giving software to promote virtual volunteer opportunities, such as remote tutoring or mentorship programs. 
  6. Host a Volunteer Fair: Host a volunteer fair where employees can meet with representatives from local non-profit organizations and learn about volunteer opportunities in their communities. 
  7. Host a Service Trip: Plan a company-wide service trip where employees can work together on a larger-scale project to make a meaningful impact in the community. 
  8. Host a Skills-Based Volunteering Event: Encourage employees to use their professional skills to support non-profits and community organizations. Host a skills-based volunteering event where employees can work on projects such as website development, marketing, and strategic planning. 
  9. Support Employee-Driven Projects: Encourage employees to submit project ideas for community service or volunteer initiatives on your employee volunteering platform. Provide funding and support to help bring their ideas to life. 
  10. Provide Leadership Opportunities: Offer employees leadership opportunities by allowing them to lead volunteer events and initiatives. 
  11. Celebrate Employee Contributions: Recognize and celebrate employee volunteer efforts through internal communications, social media, and other company-wide communications. Celebrate milestones, such as volunteer anniversaries or hours served, to show your appreciation for their contributions. 

By implementing any one of these ideas, you can engage your employees in meaningful volunteer work and make a positive impact in your community. At Uncommon Giving, we are committed to helping companies create a culture of giving and employee engagement, and we believe that these ideas can help your organization achieve these goals. 

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