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Uncommon Giving: Workplace Giving Platform for True Impact

Ready to step into the modern era of workplace giving? Uncommon Giving is a lightweight, innovative workplace giving platform that makes it easy to engage your employees and create meaningful opportunities for social impact.

Stay at the forefront of corporate social responsibility with intuitive features that streamline corporate giving, employee gift matching, volunteering, impact reporting, and more.

Screenshot that provides a glimpse into a user’s experience on the Uncommon Giving workplace giving platform.

A Workplace Giving Platform Made Simple

Workplace giving is no longer optional for modern businesses—employees want it, customers reward it, investors look for it, and your brand reputation deserves it.

Uncommon Giving equips you with the following workplace giving tools:

Screenshot that illustrates how companies can effortlessly manage corporate giving by using Uncommon Giving as their corporate giving software.

Corporate Giving

Launch and manage all your corporate giving initiatives on a single, secure workplace giving platform:

Employee Giving & Matching

Your employees want to make a difference. Strengthen your company culture and empower your employees:

Screenshot that illustrates the type of personalized employee experience that the Uncommon Giving workplace giving platform provides.
A team of volunteers celebrating, illustrating the impact of workplace giving platforms like Uncommon Giving.


Employees are five times more engaged at companies with volunteer programs. Encourage your employees to connect with their community using Uncommon Giving’s workplace volunteer platform:

Charitable Wallet & Donor-Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving account that consolidates all of a donor’s future contributions to their nonprofits of choice. While typically popular among wealthy donors, Uncommon Giving makes it accessible to everyone:

A wallet that represents the charitable wallet the Uncommon Giving workplace giving platform provides each employee to use as their own DAF.
Screenshot of the Uncommon Giving app, which has all of the workplace giving platform’s functionality.

Full-Function Mobile App

Convenience is key to engaging your employees in workplace giving. Uncommon Giving offers a free mobile app to facilitate all your philanthropic activities:

Cutting-Edge Workplace Giving Platform Features

Realize and measure the benefits of your corporate giving program with more efficiency and less overhead than other workplace giving platforms. Uncommon Giving’s main features include:

Easy-to-use Admin Dashboard

Don’t settle for legacy “enterprise” workplace giving platforms. Free yourself from excessive administrative costs and leverage a dashboard that:

Screenshots of Uncommon Giving’s easy-to-use admin dashboard, which is a step up from other employee giving software solutions.
The process of issuing charitable giving disbursements to nonprofits, which is facilitated by the Uncommon Giving workplace giving platform.

Automated Charitable Giving Disbursements

The Uncommon Giving platform eliminates the need for spreadsheets and accounting overhead by:

Reporting at a Glance

Configurable dashboards display real-time data on corporate giving, employee engagement, volunteer efforts, and social impact:

Screenshots that illustrate how users can access real-time reports on corporate giving using the Uncommon Giving workplace giving platform.

Understanding the ROI of Corporate Giving Software

A well-defined, impactful workplace giving program is a staple of the modern company’s long-term success and sustainability:

The number 20.
Resulting in an up to 20% boost in revenue
The number 50.
Reducing employee turnover by 50%
The number 71.
Appealing to top talent—71% of employees want to work for a company that supports giving and volunteering
The number 13.
Leading to a 13% increase in employee productivity

Success Stories: The Impact of Our Employee Giving Software

Uncommon Giving has supported businesses of all sizes in launching impactful, streamlined workplace giving programs:

"At Bloomerang, our vision is to empower fundraisers to do what they love and build a world inspired by giving."

And our team members are passionate about supporting the nonprofit community. With Uncommon Giving, we are building a truly inclusive and engaging corporate generosity program, providing funds to every employee to donate to the nonprofits of their choice. Employee-driven generosity is just one way we live our values every day.

Steve Isom CFO, Bloomerang

"Uncommon Giving has elevated philanthropy at our company."

It has improved the administrative side of our philanthropic program, as well as the employee experience. Our manual processes have been replaced with a much more efficient system. Employees can now self-serve and donate to organizations that they are passionate about more easily!

Emily Dalton SVP of Product, Omatic Software

Workplace Giving Platforms: FAQs

Workplace giving, also known as corporate giving or employee giving, refers to corporate programs that encourage employees to support charitable causes through opportunities such as payroll deductions or matching gifts. Many companies launch these programs as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts.

Workplace giving platforms equip your business with essential tools for managing its workplace giving programs and maximizing employee participation. With this corporate giving technology, you’ll be able to share opportunities, make donations, and report your social impact with ease.

Uncommon Giving is a modern, user-centric workplace giving platform that makes it easy to prioritize corporate social responsibility at your business. Our solution is highly personalized and portable—meaning you’ll find everything you need to effortlessly conduct your programs and conveniently access important details about employee engagement, social impact, and more.

Unlock fast and easy impact with your workplace giving program.

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