Nonprofit Spotlight: Military Warriors Support Foundation

This week, we are highlighting another amazing nonprofit, Military Warriors Support Foundation, who works to support combat-wounded U.S. military service members and Gold Star families by offering programs that facilitate a successful transition back to civilian life.

The programs at Military Warriors Support Foundation focus on housing and homeownership, recreational activities, transportation assistance, and leadership development. Through select programs, they have awarded nearly 900 mortgage-free homes and payment-free vehicles to combat-wounded heroes, Gold Star spouses and their families in all 50 states. In addition to the home or vehicle, the families receive family and financial mentoring. You can read more about their ministry HERE.

Casey Kinser works at Military Warriors Support Foundation as the Executive Vice President.  As the spouse of a combat-wounded veteran, she can relate to the struggles that families go through when the trajectory of their life is suddenly changed. She also knows, firsthand, what these heroes and their families sacrifice to serve in the military and defend our nation. For those reasons and so many more, she says she is extremely grateful for their service. Having the opportunity to honor and thank these incredible heroes and families is one of her life’s greatest blessings.

Casey shares more of her life, her journey, and how she, alongside Military Warriors Support Foundation serve veterans, Gold Star spouses, and their families. 

Where are you from? Where do you currently live?

I was born and raised in Austin, TX. I lived briefly in North Carolina, while my husband was stationed at Ft. Bragg, but got transferred to San Antonio, TX when he was wounded during his second deployment in Iraq. We now live just outside San Antonio, in Spring Branch, TX.

What need is your organization hoping to meet?

A significant need of our nation’s heroes is safe housing and reliable transportation. We have programs specifically designed to meet those needs, including mortgage free homes and payment free vehicles. In addition, families receive structured financial and family mentoring. Heroes also miss the challenges and comradery of the military. Our leadership development trainings and outdoor recreation programs offer a variety of opportunities, in group settings, for heroes and Gold Star spouses to fill some of that gap.

If additional funding was available, in what ways would you expand your organization/programs?

We believe our family and financial mentoring program is the key to long term success. We would love to be able to provide that program outside of our asset donation programs. With additional funding to support the cost of facilitating that program, we can help provide a solid foundation for so many more heroes. 

Are there any heroes within your organization who you would like to highlight/celebrate? Why?

We have had the honor of supporting many incredible heroes over the years, from heroes and gold stars from all branches to Special Forces operators, to Medal of Honor recipients. Each of their stories are unique and worthy of celebration. I think what is most amazing is what they have accomplished collectively.  Through our Mentoring Program that we provide, our families have paid off over $23.5 million in personal debt while in our programs. That is something to celebrate!

What is your favorite part of the day at your organization?

I have morning meetings with my Team Members, to connect with them and hear what they are working on. I am always so inspired by how hard they work. We are blessed with some incredible team members who have their own personal reasons for joining this Mission and I’m proud to have them alongside me.

How can people join you in your effort to change the world?

Financial support is always helpful, but there are many ways people can support our mission. Most importantly, please share our Mission with others (click HERE to read more about the mission.) This allows us to gain more support and help even more heroes. People can also donate their unwanted vehicles (HERE) to our foundation or select us as their charity of choice on Amazon Smile. At minimum, we would appreciate people’s prayer over our foundation and the continued support of our nation’s heroes. 

If someone had $10 to give, how would you put that to use for the cause?

With an average of 3% Admin expense, over the last 5 years, the vast majority of any donation goes directly to supporting our heroes. $10 could be a perfect finishing touch on a hero’s home renovation, or it could be the final amount needed to cover TT&L on a gold star’s payment free vehicle, or the perfect fishing lure to host some hero families on a fishing trip. Every donation counts. Every donation is significant. We are grateful for the trust that our donors give us when handing us their hard-earned money and we are committed to honoring that gesture by putting it to meaningful use, in support of our nation’s heroes.

Thank you, Casey, for sharing your story and making an impact as you serve our combat-wounded veterans and their families! As you consider where to direct your generosity today, we suggest a $10 donation (or more) to Military Warriors Support Foundation.

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