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Omatic Software is an award-winning software company offering nonprofit data integration tools to all types of charitable organizations with a strong focus on corporate social responsibility.

The company has a robust workplace giving and volunteering program, which includes three key components:

  • Executive giving
  • Employee matching gifts, and
  • “Passion” projects – a gamified opportunity for employees to advocate for causes to receive a corporate donation.

The Challenge

Managing these programs manually was a tedious and time-consuming process causing the company to spend the majority of its time on administration and less time on driving engagement and participation in the program.

The Result

The Uncommon Giving platform has automated the manual processes, driving the efficiency and effectiveness of the program, and elevating Omatic’s corporate philanthropy while providing employees with a modern employee experience.

The Passion projects initiative has become even more engaging, because the winner gets to make the actual donation through their Uncommon Wallet.

The matching gifts program is now streamlined, making it easier for employees to participate and track their donations and volunteer hours. The company even offers increased matching gifts on special corporate giving days, like Giving Tuesday.

Omatic has also been able to use Uncommon Giving to generate reports and insights into employee engagement and charitable impact.

Overall, Omatic Software has seen a significant increase in employee engagement and participation in its giving and volunteering program since implementing Uncommon Giving. The company’s focus on philanthropy and social responsibility is a key driver of its success, and the software has made it easier than ever for employees to get involved and make a difference!

Uncommon Giving has elevated philanthropy at our company. It has improved the administrative side of our philanthropic program, as well as the employee experience. Our manual processes have been replaced with a much more efficient system. Employees can now self-serve and donate to organizations that they are passionate about more easily!"

- Emily Dalton (SVP of Product, Omatic Software)

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