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Bloomerang is a leading provider of software solutions to nonprofit organizations. Bloomerang’s vision is to “empower fundraisers to do what they love and build a world inspired by giving”. As a company committed to corporate social responsibility and an inclusive employee experience, Bloomerang wanted to “live its values” by giving back to the community and supporting causes its employees care about.

The Challenge

The company realized that its charitable programs were not achieving their full potential due to:

  • Low awareness,
  • Low participation, and
  • Lack of promotion

To address this, the company decided to reinvigorate their efforts and invest in Uncommon Giving software to allow them to achieve their desired results.

The Result

Uncommon Giving has automated the process, driving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s charitable programs and making it easier for employees to participate in charitable giving and volunteering impacting 100’s of nonprofits.

Bloomerang’s Generosity Committee is focused more strategically on growing the program and promoting it more effectively within the company. The Committee “seeds” every employee’s Giving Wallet with $100 when they join the company and provides their employees with money to give the charity of their choice on special days – like their Valentine’s Day “Spread the Love” campaign where each employee received $50 to donate to their cause.

Employees continue to express their appreciation for Bloomerang’s commitment to giving back through internal Slack channels on social media posts. Bloomerang’s employees are proud to be a part of a company that is making such a positive impact in the community.

The reporting and analytics capabilities have enabled the company to track and measure the impact of its giving.

At Bloomerang, our vision is to empower fundraisers to do what they love and build a world inspired by giving. And our team members are passionate about supporting the nonprofit community. With Uncommon Giving, we are building a truly inclusive and engaging corporate generosity program, providing funds to every employee to donate to the nonprofits of their choice. Employee-driven generosity is just one way we live our values every day.

- Steve Isom (CFO, Bloomerang)

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