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This Holiday Season

The holidays always bring out inspirational stories of generosity.  These stories impact your employees and members alike.  By sharing and amplifying these stories during the holiday season, you will reinforce your purpose to your employees and members.

Why Formalize a Holiday Campaign This Year?

Credit unions have annual holiday traditions and it’s always a special time of the year.  It’s also a great time to celebrate the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People”.  By capturing and sharing these moments, credit unions can inspire a new generation of employees and members alike.     

Community Impact

  • Amplify Your Call-to-Action: Share your nonprofit partner stories with both employees and members to gain additional support for those partners.

  • Measure the Outcomes: Celebrate the impact from your campaign with both your employees and members once the results are in. This will help galvanize your purpose in the community.

Employee Impact

  • Employee Retention: 88% of Credit Unions believe community impact programs help attract and retain employees.

  • Work Culture: Happy employees are more productive and stay longer.  Giving (time or money) makes us happy, promotes social connection, evokes gratitude, and supports our sense of purpose.

Company Impact

  • Improved Brand Recognition: Credit Unions engage in community impact but without measurement, it’s impossible to tell the whole story.

  • Strategic Initiatives: Credit Unions are constantly engaged in initiatives to improve their local communities.  Include annual employee and member generosity programs to help execute those strategic initiatives.

Pick a Theme to Get Started!

This holiday season, set a theme for your employees and members to organize around.  You likely have holiday traditions – that’s great, go with it! Consider the framework below so you can maximize engagement and execute and measure with efficiency.  

Pick a Milestone & Celebrate
  • GivingTuesday is a great choice
  • Include your traditional events
  • Capture employee and member stories
  • Consider a generosity wall in your branches to share employee and member stories
  • Create a hashtag and invite employees and members to share their favorite impact stories on social media
Acts of Generosity
  • Generous acts are great for mental health
  • Devote one day to acts of generosity:
    • Organize a food drive
    • Create holiday cards and gift bags for the Elderly in your community
    • Read holiday stories at the library
    • Host a blood drive at your branch
    • Spread cheer through Kindness Rocks
Measure the Impact
  • Without a doubt, your employees and members are generous and we only know a fraction of the impact that they have in the community.  Capture this impact, amplify it, and remember:
    • Arrange for your nonprofit partners to report measurable outcomes
    • Stories are just as powerful as metrics

What’s included in the Holiday Campaign Kit?

Employee Communication templates for easy promotion internally

Suggestions for non-profit partners in your local area (if you don’t already have established partnerships)

Campaign best practices – we want to ensure your success

Ideas for volunteer events to coincide with the giving campaign

Social media templates – Share your impact with employees, members and the community

Press release template and suggestions on how you can include your members

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